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Monday, August 10, 2015

What to do and consider in order to choose a good Fertility Clinic

Assisted Reproductive Treatment can be so expensive and emotionally tasking that it always pays to try to find out as much as one can, the clinics that provide patients with the best chances of success. Most Fertility Clinics have their strengths and weaknesses but there are always ones best suited for your needs. You only need to find them! Below are some things to do and factors to look out for when trying to find one.

*VISIT ONLINE FORUMS (Nairaland; Stella Dimorkorkus;  Linda Ikeji. ; Nicole the fertile chick)
*PATIENT MEDIA TESTIMONIALS: embedded in some success stories is often a line of action you can copy.
*WORD-OF-MOUTH: some names/clinics are constantly mentioned as being good.
*CONSIDER LOCATION: you may have to travel outside city of residence for the best, but the outcome is always worth it. 
*COST: (full paying or promo - there are pros & cons for both packages).
*SUCCESS RATES: consistent, increasing or dropping; this is difficult to ascertain in Nigeria but one can get a good picture from fertility forums
*RANGE OF SERVICES: full or limited
*EMPATHIC DOCTORS: are they available, listening, intimidating or distant?
*HONEST DISCLOSURE OF CHANCES  & patients given all necessary info & 
access to records.
*STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITIES: type of services offered is an indication
*RELIABILITY: Treatment Plans are always followed through. No patient is ever left hanging because a doctor is unexpectedly absent. Backup services are always available.
*ETHICAL PRACTICES: choose where patients are honestly and fairly treated and full disclosure about status given